Space Tank builds a new innovation Tech Lab.

By Holger Dielenberg

Busting down walls is what we do best at Space Tank and we love practicing what we preach.

Over the last two years we have been giving makers, innovators and designers access to wood and metal working equipment as well as laser cutting and 3D printing.

So many people have great ideas and skills that they wish to build a business around, but they cannot realize these dreams because our current system is rigged by established business to support established business. It makes sense, big businesses concentrate on controlling the competition and are happy to maintain barriers to entry that keeps emerging talent out.

It’s almost impossible to get affordable access to technology and manufacturing equipment. I think that sucks and so I built a tool gym model that solves this problem. It’s been incredibly inspiring for me to see Space Tank become a product development incubator. The biggest validation for any service is to see it being used and Space Tank has been embraced by literally hundreds of amazingly talented people since we started.

There is genuine demand for affordable top notch manufacturing and technological equipment so my focus over the next year will be to build our technology offering. To get the ball rolling – it was back to busting down more walls for me. This time I took the sledge hammer to our own walls inside Space Tank.

Fifty square metres have been demolished and cleared out. New windows have been installed to open up the space and let light in to the existing studio area. Two new fume extraction systems have been installed using state of the art inline extraction fans that are housed inside silencing mufflers and everything has a new coat of paint.

Our shopping list of technology and advanced manufacturing equipment is impressive and it’s got my mouth watering. Be warned my maker friends, this Tech Lab is going to be sick!

This is not all – An announcement is on the horizon but you will have to be patient. Not much longer.

What I can say is that the pending announcement will be the first domino in a series of steps that will ensure that Space Tank can meet the innovation needs of emerging designers.

Watch this space.


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