What is Space Tank Studio


What is Space Tank Studio

For Profit Social Enterprise

Space Tank Studio is a social enterprise that offers equipment technology facilities, business incubation services and skills training to provide socially beneficial outcomes for creative, business and community ecosystems. Space Tank has been formed to create a difference through the medium of business and is committed to re-investing profits to further its purpose.


Space Tank’s purpose is to build business capacity and skills and improve market access for emerging design entrepreneurs.

Mission Statement

To increase the impact and innovation of creative designers, applied technology entrepreneurs and community organisations and become a leading service provider for Australia’s design economy and startup ecosystem.

Reinvesting profits

Space Tank reinvests profits to continue building the best possible Makerspace Incubator for startups in Melbourne and to stay at the cutting edge of advanced manufacturing technologies and entrepreneur thinking. This supports our vision to help build new future focused industry growth in our design economy in the wake of auto manufacturing losses. It means continually providing cutting edge manufacturing equipment technology as well as business training and skills development to help startups and creative manufacturers fill knowledge gaps and accelerate their growth.

Industry Context

Startups creating physical products in health, new energy, robotics or niche/advanced manufacturing etc, don’t receive the same investment or incubator support as ‘App’ developers do. Space Tank fills this gap in our startup ecosystem and connects startups with Victoria’s legacy industry strengths; leading to deep social and economic impact as startups grow new businesses, employ staff and help grow advanced manufacturing; ultimately reaching 1000’s of industry players in diverse manufacturing and supply chain sectors.

In an age of fast paced technology evolution and industry disruption, full time employment is replaced by project based and freelance contracts, entrepreneurial mindsets and balancing multiple income streams are becoming important skills and STEM based curriculum and emotional resilience are becoming increasingly important for education providers.

Makerspaces, Incubators and Co-working spaces have emerged as new platforms of support for circular economies based on collaborative ethics, skill sharing and co-creation. Supporting the generation of ideas and solutions for global challenges of our time.

The Service

The Space Tank Makerspace provides a full suite of support ranging across: equipment technology, communal fabrication space, private studios, incubation services, investment networks, technology labs, education programs, skills training, commercial strategy mentoring and business scaling pathways.

Space Tank breaks down price and accessibility barriers by leveraging economies of scale. By operating a synthesis of co-working/incubator/makerspace models, the organisation can lower the cost of service provision in order to meet an affordable price point for emerging businesses, innovative entrepreneurs and creative practitioners.

Operating Model

Space Tank has a studio membership and fee for service operational model.

  1. Studio rental/workshop pass
  2. Business Incubator/Accelerator programs
  3. Service bureau for design fabrication and consultation.
  4. Skills training in fabrication design and prototyping technologies.
  5. Access to the Applied Technology Co-Investment Fund