Melbourne City Council investigates Makerspaces

Melbourne City Council investigates Makerspaces

By Holger Dielenberg.

The start of 2015 has literally exploded as interest for studios and casual memberships begin pouring in! What a way to start the year. We already have nine studios full and only three left for rent. The workshop is being used every day as makers use their skills to build their designs.

The most interesting and unexpected news however has come Melbourne City Council. They are investigating the demand for makerspaces and the viability of operating one in Melbourne. To this end, Melbourne City Councils innovation office, Mathew Wilcox and Second Muse design researcher, Steph Bannister visited Space Tank Studio to speak with me about how to build a makerspace and what is involved in running one.

Interestingly, it was the role that makerspaces play as incubators for creative entrepreneurs that really took over the conversation. Makerspaces can and should not only provide practical solutions to makers, they also have the responsibility to provide an ecosystem of industry connections and professional advocacy.

Add smart factory and kickstarter principles to a makerspace and you have a golden triangle of support for creative entrepreneurs. Being the first of a new kind of makerspace in Melbourne that provides a huge range of equipment, fabrication space, bespoke courses and advocacy to it’s members, we encourage Melbourne City Council to move further with its investigations and hope to be able to assist in the future to bring makerspace services to a broader audience.

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