Concrete is the new language of love.

Concrete is the new language of Love

By Holger Dielenberg.

Concrete is the new Language of Love!… no?…Yes! Thanks to Cigweld Jessica Capalupo’s special day was cemented!

Using Cigweld equipment, and some good old hands on skills, Will Brubaker Art from Space Tank Studio fashioned up the steel reinforcing and formwork to make Jessica’s concrete wedding ring. Jessica does not like wearing rings on her fingers, so the idea of making a sculpture seemed to be the perfect solution.

The unique engagement ring must stand the test of time so the internal steel reinforcing was vital to the structural integrity of the concrete. Will decided that the ring had to not only maintain a rigid shape for the concrete to hang off but it also had to transfer the weight loading via the reinforced steel down through the pivoting ferrel and into hidden steel feet encased in the base.

Will Brubaker traditionally works with found objects to create bricolage sculptures so working with steel and concrete was a huge departure from what he had been used to doing. Will found the Mig welder so great to use that it was not only easy to learn but also enabled him to create a functional structure that he could incorporate into the sculpture. Learning to weld has opened a world of new possibilities to Wills creative practice.

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