Laser Cutting and Engraving

Do our laser cutting course
and get access to the laser cutter
for only 95 cents/minute plus a $35 handling fee per session

Our 50 watt Epilog machine has a cutting area of 600mm x 450mm and will cut and engrave the following materials:

We also provide laser cutting/engraving services at the following rates:


Job handling fee – $35:

  • One off charge applied per job.

Technician fee – $75/hour:

  • Opening file and material preparation
  • Illustrator services, vector tracing, file optimization
  • Test runs and fine tuning laser settings to suit requirements
  • Trouble shooting / job consultation

Laser Cutting – $0.95/minute:

  • Charged on actual laser cutting and engraving time
  • 50% cheaper than other service providers


Still not sure? Want to know more?
No worries, shoot us an email and we’ll happily discuss your needs!

Once you start…
You can’t stop!

3d Printing

Our Makerbot2 3D printer will accept geometry
from all your favorite 3D modelling software.

You can also do our FREE Autodesk Fusion 360 introduction course
for industrial design applications

Use our 3D printer yourself for the following rates:


Job handling fee – $35:
  • One off charge applied per job.

Build cost – based on the following:

  • Choice of filament
  • Size/weight, fill and number of shells (walls)
  • Resolution

Labour (if we do it for you) – $75/hour:

  • Trouble shooting and file repair
  • Job consultation


Do you know how to use a 3D Printer?
Then save a ton of money. Come on in and use our machines yourself!

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