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Roland Milling Machine Opens Up Opportunities for Space Tank Customers

October 30, 2017
Based in Melbourne, Space Tank is a product development incubator that rents out its 15 studios to start-ups and innovators so that they can access the company’s huge range of prototyping technology like multi axis milling, 3D printing, vacuum forming, laser cutting as well as industrial wood and metal working machinery. Read More >

Far from Mint Condition

July 24, 2016
Daniel Macnish experiments with the use of plants as a “living billboard” to convey information about the health of cities we live in. Read More >

The amazing Space Tank is in Moreland

September 29, 2015
We can categorize the business development market as largely an office based activity. There is not one commercially run Makerspace in Australia that can be accurately described as a Product Development incubator aimed at the emerging designer and bespoke Maker…. Until now. Read More >

A new Makerspace in Melbourne

July 29, 2015
Holger Dielenberg is a multi-talented, multi-skilled maker who is creating a ‘maker ecosystem’ for others to realise their artistic and entrepreneurial ideas. Read More >

Space Tank Studio – case study

July 9, 2015
We’re experiencing a kind of counter-revolution in manufacturing. With technologies such as 3D printing becoming far more accessible, ‘Maker Spaces’ are popping up, helping creatives to realise their ideas moments after imagining them. Read More >