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The Makers Documentary Series

By Holger Dielenberg.

The MAKERS documentary web series showcases the artists, designers and makers who work out of Space Tank Studio – Melbourne’s first comprehensive Makerspace.

The MAKERS web series is a unique opportunity for sponsors to join the maker movement. Support creative entrepreneurs and you will make a sustainable impression with your business community. Get Bespoke and participate in the maker trend that is sweeping Australia and rapidly paving a new manufacturing landscape.

Sponsoring the MAKERS documentary series and standing alongside the talent that is making Melbourne, you will have the opportunity to let your marketing go viral on the internet. As people share what they like on Vimeo, YouTube and social media, the MAKERS episodes will reach the right people. When you sponsor the MAKERS web series, you join the maker movement that is rapidly growing in Australia and around the world.

Connect with your audience by sharing what connects us all… Curiosity, Vulnerability, Curiosity, Courage.

“As the manufacturing landscape changes, the Maker Movement shows a viable way forward. Engage with the spirit of making it by sponsoring the MAKERS documentary web series”

For more information on how you can become a sponsor of the MAKERS documentary web series, please contact Holger Dielenberg by email:

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