Bench 2 Business Training Program

Bench 2 Business Training Program

Space Tank’s new training program
for product startups

Applications Closed

If you are interested in courses on
design, prototyping and business development please get in touch with us.

Fill your skill gaps and apply for:

  • User centred design & prototyping for design
  • Manufacturing design
  • Laser cutting
  • 4axis CNC milling
  • FDM 3D printing
  • Wood working
  • Financial/Biz development
  • Patent & IP law
  • Marketing

Download course descriptions and calendar here.

Thanks to LaunchVic, these courses are FREE and offered by Space Tank Studio.


Designed to teach high impact design, prototyping and business skills to product start up founders.

You must be working on physical products that need to be manufactured.

Your product designs can incorporate technologies and embrace any industry or market opportunity – surprise us!

We are especially interested in startup founders wanting to solve global challenges.

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there are thousands more incredibly talented
entrepreneurial young bloods at the grass roots
level than stuck inside corporations.


Program overview

Who is it for?
Individual hardware startup founders, emerging product developers and designers. People with the passion and drive to take their concept from napkin sketch all the way to market shelves.

What will you learn?
You will enhance your ability to identify market opportunities, develop ground breaking products, attract venture capital and build export businesses. Attendees of the B2B workshops will also be connected with the STS manufacturing and business network.

What is offered?
The course delivers 30 class sessions held in the evenings between 6pm and 9pm starting in September 2018 and finishing in April 2019. Course components cover design, prototyping and business modules. This course will be offered once and thanks to LaunchVic, it is free of charge.

Who is Space Tank Studio?
Space Tank Studio is a product development incubator. We provide startups with manufacturing technology, studios, fabrication spaces, business mentoring and industry connections.

Where will training take place?
All training will take place at Space Tank Studio – 9 Warner Street, Coburg North. 3058

How do we protect your intellectual property?
We take the protection of your Intellectual Property very seriously. Where you participate in a training course
all students in the course must agree in writing to keep all ideas and technical or commercial information that is
shared during the course confidential. All trainers have also agreed in writing to keep this information confidential.

Our Non-Disclosure Agreement
Through the process of applying for a training course you will supply us with confidential information. Space Tank Studio agrees to protect this information and your intellectual property during this application process, and if you are successful, throughout the training course. Please download and review our Non-Disclosure Agreement. This one way NDA is pre-signed by us and protects your intellectual property. When you fill out the application form, your electronic signature executes the NDA and a copy will be sent to your email address when you press ‘submit’.

We are looking for startups in

health care devices
food / Agriculture
clean tech

sports & leisure
smart wearables
smart furniture
smart city stuff

Eligibility and info

A maximum of 50 product startup candidates will be selected into the program.

To be eligible for the B2B training program you must:

  • Be a product development startup.
  • Be located in Victoria.
  • Have a product idea or prototype.
  • Commit to attend the full training program at Space Tank in North Coburg, Melbourne.
  • Want to take your product to market.
  • Startups who have not yet regsitered a business or company will also be considered.

Training Modules and Timeline

All courses will be held in the evenings and delivered in-person.

User Centred Design: Up to 30 hours delivered September to October 2018
 Prototyping for Design: Up to 33 hours delivered October to November 2018
 Business & Marketing: Up to 27 hours delivered February to April 2019

5 fulltime workshop residencies

This is an opportunity within the B2B program for 5 candidates to receive a fulltime workshop residency giving you up to 3 days per week access to all of Space Tank’s equipment resources from 15th February 2019 to 28th June 2019 (Does not include private studios). To be eligible for a residency, you must be selected into the B2B program and your product must have the following qualities:

  • Market busting potential
  • Demonstrated export opportunities
  • Must solve big problems

Key Dates

2nd Round Applications open: 9th July to 28th July 2018
Successful candidates notified by: 31st July 2018
Training program runs from: 1st September 2018 to May 31st 2019
Workshop residency runs from: 15th February 2019 to 28th June 2019


This program is worth $7,650 per person.
Happy Days – thanks to LaunchVic, 50 candidates can now access this program FOR FREE.