Makerspaces provide affordable access to fabrication space, technology, traditional machinery, materials labs, skills courses, business advocacy, media exposure, investment shark tank, client facilities and the list goes on… They are a complete business ecosystem… a powerful collaborative environment that organically connects people and knowledge, encourages experimentation and skill sharing and supports cross disciplinary workflows.


We cannot keep digging resorces out of the ground forever!

If industry leaders join hands to support our smart design entrepreneurs we will build a resorce of design talent that will far outstrip what we dig out of the ground.
One is limited, the other is infinite. Support creative and clever people, its not hard.

What is a Makerspace?

Space Tank is a sustainable and innovative approach to manufacturing. It is a physical location where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, prototype new products, Net-work and do business. It is a sustainable, low foot print/high output manufacturing model that supports hundreds of emerging creative businesses under one roof, using one set of resources.

The input is creative energy. The output is business growth.

It supports individual high end design prototyping and low volume bespoke manufacturing which encourages skill sharing, development of business ecosystems and propagates entrepreneurialism.

A massive proportion of our knowledge resources, manufacturing, education and logistics industries focus around making activities and yet there is a glaring lack of support for makers during the period between idea (knowledge) and product…. Makerspaces fill this gap. If you give emerging makers the opportunity to transform their knowledge into a working prototype, they become the engine of a design economy.

Ecosystem Marketplace

Spreading the word

We need more people of influence from corporate and government sectors to understand how important it is to support our creative and design talent. These are the people who will go on to inform and contribute to diverse manufacturing industries in our immediate communities.

Memberships & Partnerships for creative industries


We provide membership access to a full range manufacturing equipment that covers traditional and technological techniques. We serve the maker community which includes prototype making, furniture makers/designers, industrial designers, knife makers, bicycle makers, 3D scanner and 3D printer tech start- ups, sculptors, public artists, fashion accessory designer/makers, leather makers, gadget inventors, theatre set and prop makers, café fit outs, lighting sculptors to name but a few.

We are actively building an ecosystem of creative business contacts and advocacy by pursueing dialogue, partnerships and alegiances with local councils, Melboune city council, federal government department of Industry and Science, University’s, TAFE’s and Secondary colleges, the corporate sector and local business suppliers of materials and services.