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Act Local – Think Global

Our mission is to give ‘Australian Made’ a new heartbeat by helping local designers and
innovators build new to market products that have global potential. We grow robust business
networks at the grass roots to transform today’s startups into tomorrow’s industries.

Community First
Space Tank is a For Profit Social Enterprise providing socially beneficial outcomes for
creative, business and community ecosystems. The Makerspace has been formed to create
a difference through the medium of business and is committed to re-investing profits to
further this goal.

Space Tank’s purpose is to improve access to resources and increase market exposure for
emerging design entrepreneurs, creative designers and applied technology entrepreneurs.

Space Tank key functions

Makerspace and product incubator

A makerspace is it’s people. A studio incubator environment where product developers, designers and manufacturing startups bring their ideas to life. Providing affordable access to private studios, machinery, technology and co-working fabrication space.

We believe Space Tank Studio makerspace is part of a bigger picture. Help people to transform knowledge into a working prototype and they will become the engine of Australia’s design economy.

A makerspace is its people

CoLab internship training provider

CoLab offers Universities bulk student internship programs. Interns work with problem owners and subject matter experts; gaining real world human-centric design experience, exposure to entrepreneurial thinking and hands on fabrication experience.

Space Tank and CoLab also provide skills training on prototyping technology, traditional manufacturing techniques, User Centred Design and product business development.

The most essential ingrediant is collectivity

Design and prototyping studio

Space Tank Design brings together the organisation’s combined resources and innovation community to develop healthcare and assistive technology solutions in the disability and aged care space. Design projects improve quality of life for healthcare clients and delivers long term cost savings to care provision.
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