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Holger Dielenberg is a multi-disciplinarian who has covered creative, digital and construction professions throughout the course of his working life. Holger merges a love of making things with a concern about not being able to make things and the consequences that follow on from that. What happens when as a people, we lose the ability to make what we need and desire? This is a very real concern that Holger and many makers take seriously. Declining manufacturing sectors, urban rezoning and the high Australian dollar make it increasingly difficult for emerging makers to gain a foot hold in industry.

After spending over 25 years oscillating between 3D animation for film and TV, fine art, building traditional yachts and residential construction, Holger gained skill sets spanning many design and construction techniques. This culminated in the idea of bringing all of those fields of endeavour together to create a fully equipped creative manufacturing incubator.

Building a Makerspace to provide machinery, technology and fabrication areas to support many makers was the clear solution. But the scope does not stop there. It’s not enough to just support makers with physical solutions. Helping them succeed as business people is essential to supporting the industry relevance of creative entrepreneurs.

Holger continues to engage with industry, local government, businesses and the world of makers in an effort to broaden the acceptance of Makerspaces and grow an ecosystem of connections to assist creative entrepreneurs.


A makerspace is its PEOPLE

If given half a chance, people make the most amazing things.

From hand crafted knives, human 3D scanning, custom bikes, bespoke furniture, soft goods and cast bronze sculptures; the people at Space Tank are making it.

A makerspace is its people

It is a creative business ECOSYSTEM

Makerspaces remove the burden of expensive overheads by incorporating the principle of sharing and collectivity into their operating model. Not only do you benefit from affordable fabrication solutions, you’ll meet other talented creatives, share inspiration and get valuable feedback.

The most essential ingrediant is collectivity

Product development INCUBATOR

Self-regulation and access to enabling equipment builds a strong sense of individual purpose. Space Tank gives you control of your destiny. Give emerging makers the opportunity to transform knowledge into a working prototype and they will become the engine of a design economy.

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