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Space Tank Design

We provide prototyping, research and development services

User Centred Design
Research and development
Market opportunity analysis
Rapid prototyping
Engineering and animatronics

Residential healthcare devices

Smart wearables

Sports and leisure products

Custom and sculptural builds

Props and sets

Custom furniture

Healthcare and assistive technology products


Space Tank Design develops healthcare and assistive technology solutions in the disability and aged care space.
We design products that improve quality of life for healthcare clients and deliver long term cost savings to care provision.

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Rapid Shield – for the protection of airborne droplets
  • • protecting our healthcare and retail workers in a COVID19 world
    • 100% Australian made, 100% recyclable
    • innovative new design
    • fully TGA approved and meets HPV criteria
    • high volume industrial production at a low price point

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CoLab Student Internships

Work integrated learning for engineering students.
Solving problems for small to medium enterprises.
Developing assistive technologies and healthcare products.


Engineering Student Internships
Work integrated learning on real world healthcare projects
University/Industry Engagement
Collaborative research & development on assistive technologies